Digital literacy 

I have always been into tech since I was a kid. This begin when I was in class 3rd. My sister had recently moved to class 8th and it was at that time she started learning coding such as HTML and CSS. Using the language she learned, she created a simple html-based webpage and showed it to me. And I was hooked! I opened a tutorial in YouTube of Q-Basic, which was the language being taught in our grade during those days. I still remember my first coding youtuber whom I started watching. And he was SchoolFreeWare. Till class 6th I had ended up teaching myself grade 10th python. Even if I'm not pursuing a purely computer-related industry, I've still integrated technology into the course of study I'm pursuing.
            When I heard digital literacy was a foundation course in flame, I was excited. When I checked out the syllabus of the course, I knew 90% of what was going to be taught. From cybersecurity, to html. I had taken course for it. So more than what was being taught, I was excited for what will be discussed. Hence participating in class discussion was essential to me.


Going in the finance field, excel is considered as important as learning to walk as a kid or learning the alphabets before learning any language. In this course i was taught how to use excel in my daily life. From doing projects like hollywood most profitbale stories, it taught me some unqiue application of this software.

html and web development

Going back to my love for tech, i love learning new development software. Though i learned HTML and CSS way before digital literacy. Learning HTML again forced me to make my own website. Without HTML being in my course, i probably wouldn't even have thought of making a portfolio website.

adventure story

Though i did not end up uploading the complete game due to assignments and test, the partial game which i made is really close to me. I used to play Pokémon when i was a kid with my best friends. Discussing what we captured and trading them. Hence having the ability to have control over the entire story was really fun

email etiquettes

Email etiquette is an important aspect of professional communication. It is important to be clear, concise, and professional in emails, and to use appropriate tone and language. With DAP and Internships coming soon, i will also ensure to communicate professionally and effectively through email. This includes using an appropriate tone and language, being concise and clear in messages, and using proper grammar and punctuation 

kahoot quiz

honestly the most fun part of the course. Honestly, who doesn't love a friendly competition. Especially during the covid times. Me and my friends used to have kahoot quizzes all the time. So playing the quiz brought back good memories

Group project

click on the logo to play the game

I had a lot of fun in the group project. From the first discussion we had in our meeting to the last webpage we made. Honestly, we had over 5-6 ideas, which we ended up combing to come up with even a better plan. Too lighten up the mood, all of us even jammed to Mringanshu and Kavish singing and playing instruments. To speed things up we ended up making a factory line production. It starts with someone making up the story for a particular handbook, and ends with someone uploading all the memes. Looking forward for the next batch to play our game.